Snack Menu

Chicken Bites $3.99

Boneless fried chicken bites (5) – Traditional, buffalo, BBQ or sweet n’ spicy

Hot Dog $3.49

All beef hot dog – Add cheese, chili or jalapeños

Nachos $3.99

Big portion of chips covered with nacho cheese – Add chili or jalapeños

Churros $2.98

Fried pastry covered with cinnamon & sugar (2) – served with your choice of dip, add a scoop of ice cream 99¢

Corn In A Cup $3.99

Whole kernel corn, mayo, butter, Tajin & feta cheese

Fresh Popped Popcorn 99¢

Make it gourmet for $1

Frito Pie $3.99

Frito Lays, chili, nacho cheese – add jalapeño 99¢

Chips $1.49

Add cheese or chili 99¢